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Welcome to Magical Mayhem! Before beginning, please take time to read the rules found in this board. Take a look at our plot, so that you know what has happened in our site's canon. We hope you enjoy your time here!

by Admin MJ
Oct 7, 2015 14:22:19 GMT -5

In this board you will find a biography to fill out for your character, which must be approved by the Administration Team before you can begin role-playing. Once this step has been completed, you can claim certain necessities for your character in our Claims sub-board. After that, you're clear to seek plots with other members in the Character Expansion sub-board.

Dracarys Reedborn
by dracarys
Oct 6, 2015 22:01:06 GMT -5

Whether you are claiming a face for your character or applying for a special ability, this board has all of the claims that you will ever need for your character.

Face Claim
by Alex Ryder
Oct 7, 2015 14:01:45 GMT -5

If you have a suggestion that you think would help to make the site better, please fill out the form and create your own thread and an Administrator will be along to check it out. If you're another member browsing through, feel free to give your opinions!

Qudditch System Poll
Sept 25, 2015 16:14:14 GMT -5

Come here if you wish to advertise your forum or apply for affiliation with us. We are GUEST FRIENDLY.

Battle Of The Rising (TVD & TO)
by Rebekah Mikaelson
Oct 6, 2015 16:19:39 GMT -5


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Come here to keep track of your plots and the threads that your characters are currently involved with.

every word gets you a step closer to hell [Corinne's]
by Liam Gaines
Oct 8, 2015 3:23:25 GMT -5

Here is where members create a description of their character and the types of plots that they are seeking. New members are encouraged to come here first, as this is the best way to establish plots.

nature plays her wicked game // eryn's characters v5
by Aurora Fiore
Oct 7, 2015 19:58:51 GMT -5

The purpose of this board is to provide a place where the Magical Mayhem community can come together to discuss and plan out future plotting for the site. All are welcome to put forth their ideas and get their characters involved!

Leaving the JDE
by Finland Harmon Booth
Jul 13, 2015 18:38:55 GMT -5

Do you have a plot in mind, but you need another character to write it out with? This is a place for you to post that plot. Give any details you can, and you might just entice someone into joining in. Or, if you have a character in mind that does not exist, you can submit the information to our Character Request Directory and the Administration will try to find someone to make the character for you.

by Kyla Adaline Waters
Oct 4, 2015 23:20:05 GMT -5


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Get to know your characters even more by completing this 31-day challenge. Delve into the nitty-gritty details, discover who they really are, and reawaken your muse.


Oneshots are very popular on Magical Mayhem because they allow you to write out an entire plot for your character without involving any other characters on the forum.

i believe it's never perfect // oneshot
by Josephine Ivy Zhilin
Oct 8, 2015 16:54:47 GMT -5

Is there a vital part of your character's past that needs to be roleplayed out? Perhaps there's a future event planned but you're too anxious to get it started. Whatever your needs, this board allows you to roleplay both in the past and future without the restriction of current events.


The Quidditch Cup is a big deal at Hogwarts. Throughout every year, the teams from each house compete in marches for the coveted Quidditch Cup, which stays in the office of the winners' Head of House until the following year.


Owl post is an integral part of wizarding communication. Here is the place to post your letters to your loved ones.

this could be a lost cause [Caoimhe]
by Caoimhe Roisin Mackenzie
Oct 6, 2015 19:05:33 GMT -5

Maybe your character keeps a diary of their life. Maybe they're a writer. Maybe they just want to scribble something down to keep for later. Whatever it is, here is a place for them to post their journal entries.

who i'd be // piper's resume
by Piper Lynn DiPietro
Sept 14, 2015 16:05:42 GMT -5

Here is a place where members can post "What If" scenarios for MM Alternate Universe, or create completely new AU's with your MM characters. Anything can happen here!


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The dungeons are generally considered colder then the rest of the castle, ironically built alongside the warm basements. It is also rumored that parts of the dungeon are under the lake, and that lucky Slytherins can glimpse the giant squid swimming by their windows at night.

Rooms: Abandoned Dungeon, Slytherin Dungeon, Junior Death Eaters Headquarters

What Nightmares Are Made Of (Tagged Thread)
by Sebastian Hayden Sinclair
Aug 6, 2015 19:38:07 GMT -5

The basements house one of the warmest rooms in the building, although only a Hufflepuff would have the pleasure of knowing this. The basements may be beneath ground, but they are a very comfortable place to be.

Rooms: Kitchens, Hufflepuff Basement

and miles to go before we sleep [kylie]
by Malia Darcy Hart
Jul 1, 2015 18:36:01 GMT -5

The general 'common area' of the castle, as it holds the Great Hall where all students take their meals and leads to the grounds, its stone floors are the most worn of all the floors in Hogwarts.

Rooms: Great Hall, Entrance Hall, Portrait Gallery, Staff Lounge, Viaduct Courtyard, Middle Courtyard, Clock Tower Courtyard

For the Hippogriffs! [Chava, Shira]
by Jonathan Anthony Wilshere
Oct 4, 2015 22:47:55 GMT -5

Except when having to attend classes most students tend to avoid this floor in case Moaning Myrtle is feeling particularly miserable that day.

Rooms: Headmaster's Office, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, Broom Closet

Not Kosher { Blakely
by Chavaleh Rachel Blumstein
Aug 10, 2015 22:05:34 GMT -5

Years ago this floor was one of the most populated of all due to the number of students in the Hospital Wing. Some of the blood stains have still not come out of the stone floors and walls.

Rooms: Hospital Wing, Empty Classroom, Boy's Bathroom

I'm screaming from my bedroom window | James
by James Scott McAdams
Oct 3, 2015 23:56:36 GMT -5

The third floor might as well be known as the 'Dust Floor' because it has the ability to collect dust faster then the others. Some think it was a grouchy professor's attempt at making detentions more miserable, but no one knows or sure.

Rooms: Library, Trophy Room, Statue of Gunhilda of Gorsemoor

why are you reading that?! (Amelia)
by Amelia D'orolione
Sept 15, 2015 13:31:26 GMT -5

Next to the Ground Floor, this floor has the most mingling of houses due to the nature of the Unification Haven and the Dueling Chamber. Relax with a couple of your mates or beat them senseless, the choice is yours.

Rooms: Unification Haven, Dueling Chamber, Howler Headquarters

Mandatory Fun { Open
by Roberta Jane Smith
Oct 6, 2015 9:24:58 GMT -5

One of the quietest floors in the castle as most of the normal students avoid this place to avoid being lectured by a prefect or a Ravenclaw.

Rooms: Prefect's Bathroom, Ravenclaw Tower, The Lens People Studio

How cruel the world is [Sebastian] That I'm here with you
by Alexandria Catherine Summers
Sept 23, 2015 23:13:38 GMT -5

Oddly one of the warmest floors in the castle due to the prefects bathroom being the floor below it. Depending on who happens to be in the Music Room at the time, it can be one of the most relaxing as well.

Rooms: Armor Gallery, Music Room, The Bard's Players Black Box

Sisterly Love...Not (Daria)
by Daria Morgan Rosenberg
Sept 23, 2015 22:22:56 GMT -5

The highest floor of the castle can get a bit windy sometimes. It's up for debate if this is actually the weather or just the Gryffindors running their traps.

Rooms: Gryffindor Tower, Room of Requirement, Hogwarts Warriors Headquarters

The White Rabbit Job (Tagged inside)
by Alec Van Alstyne
Sept 28, 2015 0:47:17 GMT -5

While most of the students seem to use the towers as a way to get away from the peering eyes of the professors, the spires are also great for looking out over the lovely scenery. If only they would stop snogging and appreciate it.

Towers: Astronomy Tower, North Tower, Owlery, Prefect Tower

That's What Friends are For [Gabby]
by Gabrielle Louise Sauveterre
Sept 26, 2015 21:55:28 GMT -5

Not only does Hogwarts have a castle, but there are also spacious grounds for students to relax on during weather-permitting days.

Areas: Covered Bridge, Black Lake, Herbology Greenhouses, Forbidden Forest, Lawns, Quidditch Pitch

with a smile, sadness hello [niko]
by Nikolas Vincent Kent
Oct 8, 2015 9:40:49 GMT -5


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The attacks on London in 2200 resulted in the original Ministry of Magic being destroyed, and many people lost their lives. The Ministry is now situated in Manchester beneath Picadilly Gardens. There are two entrances: visitors can enter through the alley beside the nearby clothing store, and staff can enter through the city tower. Visitors must surrender their wand to security upon entering the building, and can retrieve them when they leave.

Sorry Your Childhood Sucked. Have Some Muffins ; Rita
by Rita Black-Pearl
Sept 27, 2015 8:42:05 GMT -5

Once a sleepy little village, Hogsmeade grew into a bustling town after the attacks of 2200 forced many businesses to relocate here. Though Diagon Alley has since been reopened, Hogsmeade remains the main center of wizarding business and industry in the United Kingdom.

Candy Run (Open)
Oct 7, 2015 22:32:00 GMT -5

Following the attacks of 2200, Diagon Alley was rebuilt to be the central hub of the wizarding world it used to be. Situated at the former location of Gringotts is a massive marble statue of a three wizards holding their wands to the sky, to pay homage to those who perished in the attacks.

Excuse me, witch way? [Alžběta]
by Aurora Fiore
Oct 7, 2015 19:57:45 GMT -5

Knockturn Alley was left relatively unscathed during the attacks on London in 2200, and today is a place few dare to approach. Most of the shops survived the attacks, and it remains an underground area for dark wizards.

The Questions with no Answers!! // OPEN
by Lucas James Margera
Oct 8, 2015 6:07:51 GMT -5

London is one of the most populous cities in the United Kingdom. It was home to many landmarks such as the London Eye and Big Ben until the attacks of 2200 brought their destruction. Wizards in London are still recovering from the repercussions of these attacks.

you [M A Y] now move about the dance floor // celeb party!
by Joshua Jameson Rhodes
Oct 7, 2015 13:54:27 GMT -5

There is more to the UK than just London. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a small nation compared to some and a huge nation compared to others. Populated by Muggles and wizards alike, it is a beautiful island nation to visit and quite the interesting place to live.

wild child's looking good [Drew]
by Caoimhe Roisin Mackenzie
Oct 6, 2015 18:44:40 GMT -5


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Members are able to create threads designated towards specific plots which take place in the comfort of their character's home.

~ Objects In the { Paul } Rearview Mirror
by Paul Travis Adalian
Oct 8, 2015 19:46:41 GMT -5

If you are one who enjoys the freedom of abroad travel, then venture wherever your heart takes you. There's countless countries around the globe to be explored.

Music of the Night- {Bones/Elizabeth
by Iseul Seo-Blaine
Sept 30, 2015 20:02:40 GMT -5

This is not a place any wizard hopes to end up. Once guarded by dementors, the prisoners are now surrounded by teams of Ministry Wizard Guards at all hours.

All That's Left is the Ghost of You { Annabelle
by Annabelle Austen Marlow
Sept 5, 2015 9:40:57 GMT -5

Far north and surrounded by freezing ocean, this prison was created by dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald centuries ago specifically to hold his enemies. Now it is a prison for international criminals, the worst of the worst that even Azkaban is too good for.

swallow spartans for the pain // noelle
by Josephine Ivy Zhilin
Aug 29, 2015 10:05:05 GMT -5

Here you will find the Headquarters of all three organizations that are currently fighting for power.


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Here's the place where you can talk about anything that's not Harry Potter related. Going away for a period of time? Visit the Absence Thread and let us know.

Krysta's Little Problem
by shaundi solomon
Oct 7, 2015 15:23:47 GMT -5

We've taken the liberty of preparing several boards in the event that you're suffering from muse deprivation, or just utterly bored and looking for something random to occupy the time.

Beat The Staff!
by Ailsa-Fia Catriona Martell
Oct 8, 2015 15:38:22 GMT -5

We have a handful of wonderful artists that would be happy to set aside time to make pretty new graphics for your character. Simply fill out the form located in the shop of the artist you choose, and wait patiently for them to work their craft!


As the term comes to and close and the new one rises from the ashes, dead or inactive threads shall be moved into this board and placed into their proper sub-boards.

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